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Jari Sokka



I started at TELA in August 2021 after a long sabbatical following the ending of my previous job as the Managing Director of Suomi Mutual Life Assurance Company. I also have previous experience of the earnings-related pension sector, having worked in various positions at Keva for about 20 years. By education — and perhaps also by nature — I’m a mathematician: I like things to follow each other in logical order, so you can rightly wonder what I’m doing in the earnings-related pension sector.


  • Management and development of TELA’s analysis operations
  • Financing of the pension system
  • Supervisory duties

Working groups

  • Advisory Committee for Investment Affairs
  • Calculation Criteria Section
  • Group for Preparing TyEL Funding Rules (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)
  • Actuary Committee (Finance Finland)

Ask me

  • Only easy questions about the financing of the earnings-related pension system ;)

The pension system is like Italy: constantly on the verge of bankruptcy but still going strong.

Jari Sokka, Director

In my spare time:

I spend my spare time on various assorted collections and on high, popular and physical culture.

Comments by workmates:

“Jari has a somewhat black yet extremely good sense of humour! He is a calm and analytical professional with a precise understanding of the financial patterns of the pension system. Jari asks good questions, and his sharp situation analyses are a pleasure to listen to and read. In a flash he outlines different perspectives that many others don’t think of or can’t put into words as insightfully.”