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How to use the website

The website provides comprehensive information about the basics of the Finnish statutory earnings-related pension system, pension providers, the financing of earnings-related pensions, the investment of earnings-related pension assets and the related statistics.

Purpose of the service and limitations of liability

Our website focuses mainly on issues associated with the earnings-related pension system, the investment of pension assets and the operations of pension providers. We don’t go into the details of earnings-related pension provision. Instead, information about this topic is offered by the pension providers through their own online services and at Työelä, the shared website of the earnings-related pension system maintained by the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

The issues we discuss focus on the earnings-related pension system at the general level. The text we use on our website cannot be considered legal text. Nor can we guarantee that our texts apply to individual cases.

We strive to ensure that the textual content of our website is accurate and up-to-date. We update the contents regularly, especially in connection with legislative amendments and at the turn of the calendar year. However, we are not responsible for the correctness of the information presented on the website or for the consequences of using the information, should a visitor to our website consider that the information has caused direct or indirect damage. Nor can we guarantee the undisturbed operation of our site. We are not responsible for any damage caused by communication disruptions, malware, or data security risks.

Our site contains several links to third-party sites. We try to keep them up-to-date as well. However, we are not responsible for the content or functionality of the third-party sites we link to.

Use of materials for personal purposes

Texts published on our website can be quoted for personal use, as long as the source of the text is duly mentioned.

Similarly, statistical illustrations published on our website can be borrowed for personal use as long as they include the source.

The numerical material associated with quarterly information on the breakdown of the earnings-related pension system’s investment assets and returns, found in our statistical database, is available for everyone to use. The database allows you to compile the statistics of your choice, and the processing can be continued, for instance, in Excel. Various illustrations can also be made from the statistical data, either directly using the tools enabled by the database or with Excel. Also when using material from the database, the source of the information must always be mentioned.

Collection of website user information

Our website uses cookies, which are small data files that are transferred to your computer when you connect to a website. Cookies are saved with the files used by the browser. Our website only uses the necessary cookies as well as analytical cookies that collect anonymous information.

More information about cookies and how to manage them is available on our Cookie Policy page.


Website accessibility is governed by the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. This Act does not apply to TELA, which is why our website,, does not have a statutory accessibility statement.

We have nevertheless striven to consider accessibility requirements and instructions as far as possible when building our website and content. For example, the technical delivery of our website conforms to the AA level criteria of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 guidelines. When we create content for the website, we also strive to consider all the requirements of that AA level as far as possible.

However, we are aware that our website contains some content which is not accessible. For example, downloadable files (PowerPoint, Excel and PDF) contain properties which are not accessible. Similarly, our website may contain videos without subtitles and pictures without alternative texts. However, we strive where possible to take these issues into account when making new content.

You can send us feedback on the accessibility of our website by emailing We will make efforts to correct shortcomings observed where possible.