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Mikael Kulikoff

Manager, Development


I have worked as Manager, Development, at TELA since 2009. I came to TELA from an IT service company, where I got to know the earnings-related pension sector first as a coder and then as a project manager and customer service manager. I have a Master of Arts Degree.


  • IT advocacy
  • ICT at TELA
  • Affairs related to TELA’s financial management and business premises

Working groups

  • Group on Tax Prepayment Affairs
  • Expert Group
  • Information Management Group
  • Joint Services Steering Group (Epo)
  • Data Protection Group of the Finnish Centre for Pensions

Ask me

  • About pension-related IT affairs as part of TELA’s responsibility

The pension system is like a river, seemingly stationary but always in a state of flux.

Mikael Kulikoff, Manager, Development

In my spare time:

I do fitness sports, taking the weather and seasonal variations into account in the choice of sports. In summer, I like spending time at the cottage. In winter, I often go to the theatre. I always watch for birds wherever I happen to walk.

Comments by workmates:

“As regards wider pictures, Mikael — more familiarly, Mishka — is a sharp and reflective thinker. He does nothing halfway, but always proceeds with care. Mishka is solution-oriented, friendly and has a good sense of humour. He can be laid back, unless there is a competition. Mishka is a stranger to playful competitions! He gets annoyingly high readings in TELA’s kilometre race.”