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Mikko Mäkinen


I began working at TELA as chief economist in March 2023. I joined TELA from the Bank of Finland, where I’d worked in the Monetary Policy and Research Department. My career before that had been varied but with a focus on research. I had conducted academic research and taught statistical methods. I hold a doctorate in economics from the Helsinki School of Business.


  • Economy of the pension system
  • Sustainability of the pension system
  • Pensions as part of public finances

Ask me

  • About economics and sustainability of the earnings-related pension system

The pension system is like the national Finnish basketball teams: every player has their own role, but regardless of age, success is built on openness, trust and a playing together.

Mikko Mäkinen, Chief Economist

In my spare time:

I do lots of different types of exercise year-round. Golf is particularly close to my heart. In the summer, I love spending time with my family at our summer cottage, where I’m often on grill duty. I like cooking in general, too. Reading is another hobby of mine.