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Suvi-Anne Siimes


I came to TELA more than ten years ago from the position of lobbyist in the pharmaceutical industry. My previous background was in national politics, where I worked as a party leader, a government minister and a member of parliament. However, my original dream was a career as a researcher. With this in mind, a long time ago I was pursuing both postgraduate studies in economics and academic teaching assignments. I have a Licentiate of Social Sciences Degree (Economics) from the University of Helsinki. I also have extensive experience of serving on the boards of various large limited companies operating in regulated industries.


  • Overall responsibility for TELA’s operations and finances and their development
  • Supervisory duties
  • Supervisor of other supervisors

Working groups

  • Board of Directors of TELA
  • T-Group
  • Employee Pension Executive Committee (Finance Finland)
  • Finance sector (National Emergency Supply Agency)
  • Board of the European Association of Paritarian Institutions of Social Protection

Ask me

  • About anything in our sector. I’ll refer you to the right place if I can’t help or answer myself.

The pension system is like a coastal cliff: it accumulates heat during the work years and releases it back in the twilight of one’s life.

Suvi-Anne Siimes, Managing Director

In my spare time:

My favourite hobbies are reading, physical exercise and hiking in nature. I also like occasional solitude, the company of my beloved spouse, and being with my grandchildren. Beauty in its various forms — in nature, art, architecture and interior design — is also important to me, as is a sense of space. I enjoy when the soul rests, thoughts flow and I learn something new.

Comments by workmates:

“Suvi-Anne has a broad vision of the entire earnings-related pension sector, and she is a thorough and wide-ranging thinker. According to workmates, Suvi-Anne has the special ability to notice the tiniest details as well as deeper and broader themes. She is one of those people whose mere presence illuminates a room. Suvi-Anne is TELA’s gentle mother figure and empathetic leader of the troops, whose heart is in the right place.”


Pirjo Sved,, tel +358 44 541 5880