Authorized pension providers manage the investment of the funded portion of statutory earnings-related pension assets. By compiling investment statistics, TELA collects the basic information about the amount of investments; the targeting of investments; and the returns on investments.

The purpose of investment statistics is to serve investors, our members and other individual bodies needing information. The data collection methods and principles underlying the compilation of statistics are based on regulations issued by the authorities.

Investment assets trend

The page 'Investment assets trend' shows the trends in our members’ investment portfolio, broken down by various criteria.

The starting year of the long time series presented in the summary of investment assets varies depending on the series: 1997, 1999 or 2000. The long time series end with the latest full year.

The starting year for the shorter time series is 2004 or 2005. The observation points are whole years with the exception of the current year, where the data are given for quarters.

The graph series show the absolute and relative situations. The investment portfolio shown by the graph series is broken down, for instance,

  • by pension institution groups:
    • pension insurance companies,
    • company pension funds and industry-wide pension funds,
    • specialized pension providers and
    • public-sector pension providers
  • by region:
    • Finland
    • other eurozone countries and
    • countries outside the eurozone
  • by investment type, such as:
    • money market investments,
    • loans,
    • bonds,
    • real estate,
    • hedge funds,
    • quoted shares and
    • other equity investments.

Apart from graph series, we draw up quarterly analyses of the development of investment assets. These are available on our page ‘Investment analysis’.

Time series of investment assets

The graphs on the page ‘Time series graphs on investment assets’ describe the ratio of earnings-related pension assets to the GDP since 1997 and the distribution of pension insurance companies’ investments since 1980.

'The time series graphs on stock market holdings', in turn, describe the Finnish quoted shares owned by the entire earnings-related pension sector and the pension insurance companies, and their percentages of the market value of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.