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Time series graphs on investment assets, returns and stock market holdings updated with 2023 data

Various time series graphs on earnings-related pension assets and on investment returns, available on our website, have been updated. The current graphs correspond to the situation at the end of 2023.

The page of Time series graphs on investment assets shows the graphs about the ratio between earnings-related pension assets and the GDP (from 1997 onwards) and the distribution of the pension insurance companies’ investments (from 1980 onwards).

The page of Time series graphs on returns shows the nominal returns on investments by private-sector and by public sector pension providers as well as real return accumulated on investments by private-sector pension providers since 1997.

The page of Returns by investment type describes the group averages for long return periods, broken down by investment categories. The calculation comprises the average investment returns of the four earnings-related pension companies, which are examined over different periods of time. The examination encompasses fixed-income investments, equity investments, real estate investments and other investments.

The page Time series graphs on stock market holdings shows the Finnish quoted shares held by the entire earnings-related pension sector and the pension insurance companies since 2004. The ratio of these holdings to the market value of the Helsinki Stock Exchange is also illustrated.

These statistical graphs are updated once a year, during March.