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Maija Schrall

Statistics Planner


I came to TELA in the 1990s and am now the employee with the longest work history at TELA. Before TELA, I worked in the bank sector for slightly over a year. As statistics planner, I work with the various statistics compiled by TELA. Developing the compilation of statistics is also part of my job. In addition, I’m involved in the development and maintenance of TELA’s in-house systems. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.


  • Telecommunications associated with TELA’s production of statistics and contacts with the membership
  • Development of statistics production
  • Updating the statistical figures on web pages dealing with the earnings-related pension economy
  • Maintaining the statistical database

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The pension system is like an umbrella — it provides shelter in different stages and situations of life.

Maija Schrall, Statistics Planner

In my spare time:

I spend my spare time at the cottage and in nature. Picking berries and mushrooms and just trekking in the woods are relaxing. Theatre, concerts and the cinema, as well as reading, are also elements of my spare time.

Comments by workmates:

“Maija’s actions involve certainty stemming from seniority; she knows the history of the organization and the sector. Precise and careful, Maija is a calm expert who processes statistics with experience and a sure grip. Maija is a great early riser with a sense of humour. Friendly and always in a good mood, she is regularly among the first in the office! It’s delightful to have morning coffee together with Maija while marvelling at the ways of the world.”