Weighting coefficients of the OLV index and the values of sub-indices at the end of each quarter in 2021

Date 31.3.202130.6.2021 30.9.2021 31.12.2021
Updated 27.5.202127.8.2021 week 47 week 8/22
weight index value weight index value weight index value weight index value
Finland 35,49 25822,3735,38 28295,06
Europe 30,41 10117,9231,7710755,12
USA 28,88 7026,4328,02 7525,06

Japan 5,22 23,724,83 23,36
Total 100,0100,0

* All three index values have been obtained by dividing them with the currency exchange rates calculated by the ECB. Currency exchange rate values

Source of the index values: Bloomberg, MSCI, Nasdaq OMX Nordic

The average allocation of equity investments to different areas is a weighted average of all private sector pension institutions. The maximum weight of individual pension funds is restricted to 15 per cent from 30.6.2019. From 2015 the maximum weight was 20 percent. Before 2015 the maximum weight was 15 per cent.

We shall publish the next update for 30 September 2021 during week 47 in 2021.