In practice, competition between pension insurance companies works so that policyholders (employer or self-employed person) can transfer their earnings-related pension insurance policies from one company to another.

Transfers between companies can be done four times a year. The transfer times are: 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October. A prerequisite for the transfer of an earnings-related pension insurance policy is that the policy has been with the same company for at least one year before the transfer.

Statistical data on transfers are published four times a year. Statistics include information on insurance policies that will be transferred in the following months:

  • Transfers 1 -statistic, January-March
  • Transfers 2 -statistic, April-June
  • Transfers 3 -statistic, July-September
  • Transfers 4 -statistic, October-December.

Annual statistics on company-specific transfers are also compiled and published each year in January.

Transfers 3/2021

Total volume of transfers under the employees Pensions Act (TyEL): EUR 201,214,000

Number of TyEL policies transferred: 1,887

Number of policies transferred under the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act (YEL): 2,311

Transfers as a percentage of 3/2021 2/2020 3/2020
* TyEL premium income 1.4 per cent 0.6 per cent 1.3 per cent
* TyEL insurance portfolio 1.3 per cent 2.0 per cent 1.3 per cent
* YEL insurance portfolio 1.1 per cent 1.1 per cent 1.2 per cent

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