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Training on fundamental issues in the earnings-related pension sector

Every year we organize various training events where we go through the basics of the earnings-related pension system and review current issues.

Goals and target groups of our education

Our goal is to ensure that the current and future decision-makers and leaders of society and labour market organizations are familiar with the earnings-related pension sector. We want them to have enough knowledge about

  • the principles of developing and operating the earnings-related pension system;
  • the relationship between our national system and the European Union;
  • issues associated with the funding of pensions.

In our opinion, it is in the interests of all Finns that the decision-makers responsible for developing the pension system have enough information to support their decisions. And because the time span for earnings-related pension issues is very long, it is also important to train future decision-makers and opinion-leaders, in order to ensure a sustainable future for the earnings-related pension system.

The target groups of our training events are

  • political decision-makers;
  • administrators, agents and representatives of labour market organizations;
  • decision-makers and representatives of youth and student organizations.

Various training sessions on offer

Our training includes earnings-related pension schools intended for various target groups, as well as seminars, meetings with experts, and presentations by specialists in events arranged for instance by trade unions or other organizations. We also arrange training sessions together with labour market organizations, such as the annually implemented regional earnings-related pension schools for major players in the regions.

In addition, we provide training for the members of the boards of directors and supervisory boards of pension providers. We ensure for our own part that they have enough information on issues pertaining to the provision of earnings-related pensions and the investment of pension assets, as required by the legal provisions on the governance of authorized pension providers.

Themes for our training

The topics of the trainings we organize are mainly related to the following themes:

  • Economic sustainability of the earnings-related pension system and the associated challenges.
  • Increasing the understanding of earnings-related pension investments: why and how are earnings-related pension assets invested?
  • Supporting the conditions for a tripartite decision-making model.
  • Securing the position of the Finnish earnings-related pension system in the EU.
  • Issues associated with strengthening confidence in the earnings-related pension system, including good governance.

Our mission, as defined in the strategy, is to strengthen the earnings-related pension system and to influence the sector’s general operating environment. This is also the background of our training topics. As a rule, our training does not deal with pension provision or earnings-related pension benefits.

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