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Expert groups

In addition to TELA’s members, expert groups may also include representatives of other expert organizations and authorities whenever needed. Each expert group has a designated contact person in our office.

Cooperation Group for Community Relations

Discusses cooperation with decision-makers pivotal to the sector and probes the operating environment.

Contact person:

Group on Collection Affairs

The group supports the formulation of our positions concerning collection affairs.

Contact person:

Group on Disability Affairs

The group manages practical contacts and develops joint practices in affairs pertaining to earnings-related pension decisions.

Contact person:

Group on Rehabilitation Affairs

The group manages practical contacts and develops joint practices in rehabilitation affairs pertaining to earnings-related pensions.

Contact person:

Group on Tax Prepayment Affairs

In cooperation with the tax administration, the group handles issues pertaining to the prepayment of tax on pensions.

Contact person: Expert Group

The group is responsible for the formulation of positions on matters pertaining to the web service and coordinates the resolution of practical issues concerning earnings-related pensions.

Contact person:


This group discusses pension and social policy matters with the purpose of bringing the Tela member communities’ practical experience, views and potential initiatives to bear on the development of the earnings-related pension system. The topics discussed by the group include the content of pension security, financing principles, and the development of pension spending and level of insurance.

Contact person:

Terms Division

On behalf of the pension insurance companies, the group prepares amendments to the insurance terms of insurance agreements drawn up in keeping with the Employees Pensions Act (TyEL) and the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act (YEL). The amendments are submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for confirmation of the insurance terms. More widely, the Terms Division serves as an expert in the earnings-related pension system when assistance is needed in interpreting the TyEL and YEL insurance terms.

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