The Finnish Pension Alliance TELA looks after the interests of all authorized pension providers operating in Finland. We represent the entire sector and our membership comprises all insurers providing statutory earnings-related pensions.

In legal form, we are a registered association. Our members decide how we conduct our affairs. The highest decision-making power is vested in the Annual General Meeting. The priorities of our strategy and operations are determined by the Board of Directors selected from among our membership.

Our mission is to strengthen the earnings-related pension system and to influence the sector’s general operating environment. Our work is described in more detail on our page ‘What does TELA do?’.

Practical operations are run by the association’s expert organization, i.e. the TELA office. The office is assisted by advisory committees and various permanent and temporary expert groups appointed from among the representatives of our members. The advisory committees and expert groups have been established by decision of the TELA Board of Directors or the Managing Director.

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