Earnings-related pensions constitute an element of Finnish social security. For this reason, a large proportion of the issues affecting our sector is decided nationally, in Finland’s own legislation.

However, many issues revolving around pension investments are linked with European legislation and financial supervision carried out at the EU level. In consequence, some of our advocacy work pertaining to these issues takes place in the EU. For our own part, we also influence European and international recommendations concerning the pension sector.

We are an Associate Member of the European Association of Paritarian Institutions of Social Protection (AEIP). AEIP is an EU-level interest organization that represents institutions managing pension provision and other forms of social security. We are represented on the AEIP Managing Board and in working groups.

We also influence EU law by participating in the determination of Finland’s positions on EU issues in the preparative sub-committees operating under the Committee for EU Affairs. We are members in three preparative sub-committees operating within the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: 16 (insurance services); 25 (social affairs); and 27 (social security issues related to the mobility of persons). We are also represented in sub-committee 10 (financial services and capital movements) in the Ministry of Finance.

In addition, we participate in international cooperation within the OECD.