As defined in the strategy, our mission is to strengthen the earnings-related pension system and to influence the sector’s general operating environment. Through our operations, we influence laws concerning the sector of earnings-related pensions, the overall reputation of the sector and the confidence felt towards the earnings-related pension system. TELA’s Board of Directors adopted the new strategy in December 2015. It covers the years 2016-2019.


Our mission is to strengthen the earnings-related pension system and to influence the sector’s general operating environment.

  • We promote the decentralized implementation of earnings-related pension provision and develop best practices, also the sector’s own recommendations.
  • We produce reliable information and substantiated viewpoints to support decision-making.
  • We disseminate reliable information about issues pertaining to the earnings-related pension system by means of communications and social education.

Strategic choices

Through our operations, we influence

  • laws and other regulations concerning the sector of earnings-related pensions;
  • the overall reputation of the sector; and
  • the confidence felt towards the earnings-related pension system.

We focus on advocacy and the related communications and analysis work. We also provide social education supporting the goals of advocacy.

Strategic themes

Strategic themes define the priorities of our operations. Our strategic themes are:

1. Building trust

The Finnish earnings-related pension model guarantees comprehensive and sustainable pension provision without a cap for everyone in gainful employment. Our model is a partly funded system. This means that each working generation in turn pays a large share of the pensions paid to the current retired generation, while the rest is financed by the returns on invested pension assets. Our earnings-related pension model needs people’s trust to be able to function, develop and remain strong now and in the future.

The dimensions of trust include

  • Trust in the operations of authorized pension providers
  • Trust in the preparation of pension issues and decision-making
  • Trust in the state of the economy and employment
  • Trust in the role and position of the statutory earnings-related pension system

2. Encouraging people to work

Well-being and income during retirement years are built on the work done during one’s career. Pension accrues according to each person’s earnings during the active career. Working, securing employment, coping with work and continuing at work are therefore important for the accrual of sufficient earnings-related pension.

The dimensions of encouraging people to work include

  • Building the future career
    • study and field choices
    • prevention of social exclusion
    • integration of immigrants
  • Working
    • extending careers
    • well-being at work and management of the disability risk
    • new pension forms (years-of-service pension and partial old-age pension)
  • Breaks in career
    • family leaves
    • unemployment
    • career changes
  • Weakened work ability
    • vocational rehabilitation
    • partial work ability and partial disability pension
    • disability pension

3. Influencing the European Union

Earnings-related pension is an element of Finland’s statutory social security, which is under national decision-making. Despite this, the European Union’s regulatory framework and various rules affect the functioning of our earnings-related pension system in many ways.

Our earnings-related pension system has an established and recognized legal status within the EU. As a result, our earnings-related pension insurance is not within the scope of cross-border competition and each authorized pension provider has its headquarters in Finland. The regulation and supervision of pension providers’ solvency also takes place in Finland by virtue of Finnish legislation.

The dimensions of influencing the European Union include

  • Harmonization of economic and social policy within the euro area and the EU
  • Adequate and sustainable pensions (the Commission’s objective for pension schemes)
  • Potential amendment of the EU Treaties and the subsequent impacts
  • The role and scope of social security and social insurance in the EU

Desired state

Our vision is to be a proactive and esteemed voice for the earnings-related pension sector.