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Kimmo Koivurinne


I’ve worked as TELA’s analyst since 2018. In the past I’ve worked with derivatives related to various asset categories in the banking sector, and I’ve participated in the development of institutional asset management as business. I have a Master’s Degree in Economics, majoring in finance. At the beginning of the millennium, before ‘real work', I was in great demand as a DJ and, among other things, hosted my own music programme on the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s youth channel.


  • Investment statistics and analyses in the earnings-related pension sector
  • Monitoring and analysis of financial markets
  • Maintaining the statistical database
  • Working with stakeholders

Working groups

  • Investment Reporting Group
  • Earnings-related Pension and Social Insurance Group of the Insurance Pool Committee (National Emergency Supply Agency)
  • European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS) (Ministry of Finance)

Ask me

  • About pension assets and their investment
  • About financial sustainability of the pension system

The pension system is like a valuable clock. Properly maintained, it will last from one generation to the next.

Kimmo Koivurinne, Analyst

In my spare time:

I collect records and handmade domestic salmon lures. When summer comes, I fish in a rowing boat on the Kymijoki and Tornionjoki rivers. Fishing is a good counterbalance to today’s digital life, which sometimes involves sitting for lengthy periods of time staring at different screens. Even if no fish are caught, for whatever reason, depending on the location, the fisher may see a stork or a crane in the wild.

Comments by workmates:

“Kimmo is a fisher who catches even bigger analyses. It’s great that Kimmo masters the twists and turns of the investment world and is able to tell us about them in a way that even the man in the street can understand. A sociable person with a sense of humour, Kimmo is a witty speaker who makes sharp observations of the world around him. On top of all that, he’s an awesome mingler!”